Book One – Media & The Government

Since the beginning of time, information has been the key to development, science and communication. In 1690, the first newspaper was published in America named The Public Occurrences. By 1870, the number of newspapers published in the U.S. skyrocketed to 5,091. The age of information and news became vital to any civilized nation. Journalism became a profession created out of the rise of media. Those who chose to seek out and report news to society at large were revered as dedicated public servants not bound to any political party or faction. In fact, if you did not learn to befriend the news media or gave the impression of hiding from the public’s eye, your days were numbered as a public figure. Many of our presidents learned to either respect the journalist media or their longevity as a leader was in jeopardy. The early days of newspapers and what later became the media was truly the essence of democracy, where the will of the people played heavily in the checks and balances of politics.

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