Has America forgotten what Socialism is?

To truly understand why our country has become tolerant of Socialism is to look no further than the political indoctrination of our youth in education. Where there was once open debate there is now ridicule.  With the constant emphasis on the environment, climate change and global warming, students are taught that those with opposing viewpoints, even if backed by fact, are against “social justice”.

Our schools have been politicized. The politics over how we think, act or interact with others has become intimately associated with educational programs designed to influence the minds of our youth.  Common Core education is the culmination of years of “social” tampering our public school system.  The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, the precursor to Common Core Education, encourages and rewards, teaching children to score well on the test, rather than teaching as the primary goal of learning. As a result, teachers are pressured to teach a narrow set of test-taking skills and a test-limited range of knowledge, ignoring many vital subjects, including science, history and foreign languages but spend a lot of time on environmental issues like climate change.

Students are taught for example, that climate change is a pressing social issue with dire consequences if they don’t participate in saving our planet.  Common Core education was introduced in 2008 and made climate change, central to the learning skills of students. In 2015, Democratic Senator Edward Markey introduced the “Climate Change Education Act, which essentially provided federal funding to schools to teach the youth that “the evidence for human-induced climate change is overwhelming and undeniable.”

In 2016, the Portland, Oregon public school system passed a climate change resolution that stated that the Portland schools will remove any text material (BOOKS) that expresses doubt about the climate crisis or its root in human activities. Further, all students should see themselves as activists to achieve social justiceOn the high school level, students are experiencing emotional blackmail in courses like biology and ecology.  If a student doesn’t put down what the teacher wants to hear relating to climate change, they get a failing grade which lowers their GPA.

So, what does all this have to do with Socialism?  The National Education Association (NEA), a socialized trade union for teachers, adopted the Portland resolution across the country, making environmental issues like global warming and climate change, essential in achieving SOCIAL JUSTICE.

So, why is social justice significant?  Social justice, when presented by one point of view is Socialism.  Capitalizing on young people’s lack of knowledge and life experience, to sell them an ideology, is history repeating itself.  We know that the Nazi’s used censorship, the burning of text books and misinformation, as a way remaking the cultural landscape to promote their own ideology.  The youth of today, forced to learn only one point of view, is THE primary reason why America will soon forget what Socialism really is.

Compliance is the necessary tool of tyranny. Compliance at the end of a gun barrel is Communism; compliance by mind control and indoctrination is Socialism, The failure of our democratic way of life will only come at the hands of ordinary citizens unwilling to maintain their constitutional rights of individual responsibility as delineated by the Bill of Rights.  The future of any country lies in the wisdom of its youth.  Saul Alinsky, an architect for the socialist movement stated: “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.” Not understanding the principles of Socialism, the teaching of Saul Alinsky or our own constitution is not an excuse; it’s a breach of our national sovereignty.

America has been asleep for decades.  Our willingness to be accepting of other cultures is a virtue.  Our willingness to accept other ideologies without fully accepting our own, weakens our resolve.  There is great wisdom in the saying “either you stand for something or you stand for nothing”.  It’s not bigotry, it’s not racism that is tarnishing America’s memory, it’s tyranny.  Wake-up America…..or accept the consequences!


Author: Sal Martingano

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