The War against Freedom is Subtle but Relentless

“Internet providers are in an information war where truth, fiction and

freedom are almost indistinguishable”

One can only imagine what politics was like back in the 18th and early 19th Century.  Certainly it would have been much different with the likes of Google and the Internet. Most 18th Century citizens in the U.S. never even saw or heard from their presidential candidates except through word of mouth and newspaper articles. How difficult it must have been to make good voting decisions, as a free nation, from second and third hand information.

Fast forward to our Century, where information is measured in terabits, traveling across the internet and news channels every second.  Every aspect of life is open to scrutiny over the internet, including your personal freedom.  One has to be careful to safeguard private information from unwanted intrusion. Yet, as the ease of information increases, so too does the possibility (or temptation) of false information.  We have reached a stage in our history where almost nothing is as it appears to be.  Images can be altered, stories can be distorted and with the coming of artificial intelligence and voice controlled everything, we may as well go back to the 17th Century, in terms of determining the validity of information.

In 2016, The Washington Times reported that Google had been deliberately manipulating its search engine recommendations to “boost Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton” by burying unflattering stories and searches and replacing them to reflect Google’s political ideology. For example, when typing “Hillary Clinton cri”, Google’s auto-complete function brings up as its top choice “Hillary Clinton crime reform” even though competing search engines Bing and Yahoo show the most popular search topics are “Hillary Clinton criminal charges”.   Is Google participating in unethical behavior?  This is not the platform to examine the ethical behavior of a privately owned company but when “information” is the bias, how that information is used or abused IS open for scrutiny.  President Trump has been on the receiving end of bias information since his inauguration.

David Horowitz, author of “Big Agenda, President Trump’s Plan to Save America”, stated:

  • “Trump isn’t up against “sore losers.” He’s facing an army of saboteurs bent on    destroying the elected government.”

Current Democratic Party strategies and social media bias have failed miserably to discredit Trump.  The Russian collusion story along with the phony dossier has backfired. The Mueller investigation is not bearing fruit, leaving the attack on Trump based on a last ditch effort to discredit his mental status.  This too has no merit based on Trump’s recent medical exam proclaiming him to be in excellent health and scoring a perfect score on his cognitive mental test.

Make no mistake, “the political swamp” is corrupt at its core, interested only in the appearance of benevolence”. The progressive’s war against Trump is now desperate. Internet providers like Google and Facebook, along with a compliant media and the mindless mantra of Maxine Waters to impeach Trump, are in an information war where truth, fiction and freedom are almost indistinguishable.  Any attempt to shine light on the progressive agenda to de-constitutionalize this nation will be met with ruthless attacks on our very freedom to receive accurate, unbiased information.

The insidious intrusion into our private lives by Google and Facebook has gone almost unnoticed.  Both social media providers have found a way to monetize and shape public thinking and opinion.

  • Google has algorithms that track our every keystroke, leading to detailed personal profiles about our political leanings, our buying and thinking habits and what our “hot buttons” are, that can be sold to anyone with an agenda.
  • Facebook filed a patent which allows the company to spy on its users through their phone or computer cameras, even if not engaged, for the stated purpose of analyzing your emotions and moods while tailoring material to how you are feeling.
  • There is even “Beacon” technology that tracks your every move and location in return for good deals at local stores. It’s hard to believe people actually approve of being monitored 24/7. “What don’t you understand about maintaining your privacy and FREEDOM?”

* In short, we are being mentally manipulated to conform. Check out this video and see how Facebook is turning user data into its profit.

Users of these internet services do not realize that their providers are data mining users’ online behavior and store that information for sale to the highest bidder.  The user agreement now requires users to:

  • surrender all control over their personal information or they cannot use the site; a far cry from the providers original intent and a clear invitation to “The Dark Web”.

The result is a total loss of privacy for the sake of marketing or political manipulation.  Again I ask, how far have we really come from truly understanding freedom?  Surely you are free to engage in social media; it is your right to choose but freedom comes with responsibility to safeguard that freedom.  Remember, if we consent to losing that freedom, it will take another American Revolution to get it back.

The slow erosion of freedom comes in many forms.  Loss of freedom at the point of a gun is Communism.  Loss of freedom in economic decisions is Socialism.  Loss of freedom for no other reason than convince or manipulation is STUPIDITY.

My book series ‘The Declaration of Dependence, A Betrayal of the American Dream”, uncovers the rationale behind the progressive takeover of our country and what we can do to protect our constitutional founding’s from tyranny.







Author: Sal Martingano

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